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New BaldyDog Post – About Time

Being extremely busy is a very good thing. However, I was looking at our site and realized a post had not been done since December of 2013.Adam Donkus

Time to Do a Blog Post and…

We have been blogging, but as it turns out,  it is usually done on client sites or as guest posts for other marketing companies.

The Cobbler Needs Shoes

Being in the Internet marketing business, it seems we are always working on someone else’s site or social media, so neglecting our own marketing is all too easy, unless that is if we make it a priority.

What’s New @BaldyDog

Being in the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) field for over a decade now, we(Baldy Dog Search Strategies and myself) have certainly seen a wide variety of tactics that have been successful one day and the next, could cause a website to drop down into the abyss of rankings.

Social Is More Important

Social is now a standard component of all SEO campaigns. Social Media(SM) campaigns are not social media importanceonly a factor but they are essential for building online authority in almost every niche. I do come across websites that appear to not be using Social Media, but searching in Google for their name + Facebook or twitter usually indicates that someone is talking about them at one time or another. If the company isn’t actively using SM then they are missing out an opportunity to connect either a brand evangelist, or an angry consumer that really should not be ignored.

Needless to say, Social isn’t going away, and will continue to be more important every day.

Developing Local SEO Packages

Just as SM has been increasing in importance for business, Local SEO has continued to grow in importance for any business thaLocal SEOt gets business from a geographic demographic. We have seen an increase of requests for Local SEO from all sizes of companies. And with the ever increasing use of mobile devices, local SEO that has a strong emphasis on mobile search will continue to increase in importance. (a future blog post and service offerings about mobile SEO are forthcoming)

Increasing Emphasis on Becoming the Online Authority

This really is not new to us, but it has become increasingly easy to sell our clients on it.  Back not to long ago, numerous clients only wanted to do minimal updates to their sites, and wanted us to focus on link building as the primary method of increasing their online authority.

10 Methods we Use to increase online authority

  1. Blogging on both an onsite company blog and guest blogging on other blogs.
  2. Increased use/participation in Social Media. This means communicating on Social Media channels, not just using it to broadcast their offerings. Selling on SM is acceptable, but it needs to be limited.
  3. Increasing positive user experience with client websites(this is more of the on-page optimization)
  4. Practice Reputation Management – monitor mentions and respond accordingly.
  5. Press Releases
  6. Content Marketing – This could be the same as blogging, but it could include publishing blogs to publishing eBooks, novels and newsletters.
  7. Seek out Public Relations opportunities – this could be in the form of sponsorships of events to do interviews.
  8. Using email marketing to connect with brand evangelists.
  9. Using Social Media to increase email lists.
  10. Utilize video as an essential part of their online marketing.

In summary

Link building is not entirely dead, but it certainly has been d-emphasized. Social is hot and will continue to increase. Due to the increased use of mobile devices, local/mobile search is ultra important.

A few Other Changes

This year, look for a revamped, which will be rebuild in WordPress. We will also be  increasing our spend on marketing, and pursuing a few other income streams such as the sales of  my wife, Elizabeth Donkus’s Art.

SEO and Webmaster Tools We Recommend

Search engine optimization has been and will continue to be a major part of getting targeted traffic to our websites. No matter how much we wish we could do without the proper tools, using the right tools can make internet marketing much easier. So in this article we will go over a few tools that we recommend and how they can ultimately help you achieve your goals.



One of the best tools that is currently available is called RavenTools. Their goal is to make your SEO, research, link building, and reports much easier by offering you different programs that increase how effective your efforts are.

While most SEO tools will provide you with a little bit of researched information, you will have access to over 24 different researchable metrics that can be reviewed within seconds. Whether it is keyword research, competition research, demographic information, and plenty more, you will have no problems being able to review everything in multiple different reports.

The reporting feature allows you to customize your reports in any fashion you wish so it is easy for you to get all your information. RavenTools not only gathers information and reports it to you, you have the ability to track information to get automatic updates on what is happening. This makes it much easier to stay on top of keyword rankings, competition, and any other important information you will need.

Besides all of the information you will get, you also get access to their link building program which helps to organize all of the information in a easily accessible fashion. There is no longer any need to try and use Excel spreadsheets to input all of the contact information, website information, niche, and all the other stuff that goes with link building.

Bottom line, RavenTools can be a great asset to any online business. The monthly cost for RavenTools is about $99 a month for a pro subscription or you can use the agency subscription for $249.


Formerly known as SEOmoz, Moz is an incredible tool that can help on a number of different aspects of internet marketing. As of right now, they have changed up their program so it is in beta, but you can still get an invitation to try it out. Prior to their changes SEOmoz was considered to be the best tool to help with SEO, keyword research, competitive insights, and all your marketing needs. With the upgraded program, you can be sure that they will stay ahead of their competition by offering the newest and top quality services, making it easier for you to thrive over your competitors.

At this time, we cannot provide you with their pricing since they have released that information yet. Prior to their changes, you would be able to use their services for $99 a month and had other options to upgrade your account.





KeywordSpy is a little different from your typical SEO and research tools because it focuses on getting as much information as possible on your competition. In the world of online marketing it is important to understand what others are doing to get traffic to their sites and KeywordSpy will tell you exactly how they are doing it.

By looking up someone’s domain, you will be able to see what keywords they have targeted, how much organic traffic they are getting, how they are getting it, what keywords they are using in a pay per click campaign, how much money they are spending on that campaign, and you can even track this information to get a automatic report about their new updates.  You get as much in-depth information as possible on anyone you want to research.

Aside from competition, you also get keyword research tools that help you target the best ones. All the statistics are given to you in a report that is easy to read and you can always customize them to make them as efficient as possible.

There are hundreds of SEO and webmaster tools out there to help you out if you have your own website that you would like to optimize, but these 3 should get you started. It is always hard to tell which tools will be able to provide you with exactly what you need, so another good rule is to always check reviews and see how other people have used them.



Importance of SEO Training for Business Organizations

seo img

Every business requires a website, especially if you really care for visibility in the virtual world. The easy accessibility of internet from various mobile devices has made it impossible to ignore this sphere of marketing. So, if you have shaken off your conservative nature and decided to plunge into this act then you must be congratulated.

 Will Your Website be SEO Friendly?

A site can be created easily but if it doesn’t get crawled or indexed by the search engines, the reason for having a website is in vain. You can either hire an SEO service provider to maintain your website or you can do it on your own. However, it is necessary for companies to have knowledge about search engine functionalities and solve basic problems on their own.

seo img

  • Updating your company website at a regular interval is important. It adds freshness and makes your site approachable. But these update should be done keeping in mind the various aspects of SEO. For instance, you might have added a new page and it look perfect from the point of design. But have you thought about header tag optimization? It makes a page more search engine friendly. Hence, even if you have designed the page with amazing skill, it may get unnoticed. This calls for SEO knowledge because you want to draw an ROI from the newly created page as well.
  •  In large companies, there are usually different groups that look after various aspects like sales, marketing, development and so on. They might have a say on decision making. But if the departments do not have any idea about SEO, the decision can be fatal. At this moment, if you hire SEO experts, the recovery time might be further delayed. To deal with this crisis and avoid future mistakes, why not get a guidance from the SEO training institute in Kolkata and make each of the department in a position to make much better decisions. This would help to keep a balance between the corporate objectives and the SEO requirements. 
  • Moreover, SEO trainings open whole new avenues of jobs with growth opportunities. The need for websites is imperative, which naturally demands knowledge on SEO to make the site work better. A business organization can always fall back upon a service provider, but the cost incurred would add more to your expanses. On the other hand, if you have someone within your company to take care of these matters, it would undoubtedly be cost saving. So, make your own decision rather than depending on an outsider who is not aware about the requirement of your organizations. You get to maintain a standard quality on the basis of the market survey.
  •  Let’s talk from the perspective of the small enterprises. Cost saving is definitely a factor but apart from that you need to get yourself exposed to the local market as well. SEO gives you the easy opportunity to reach out to the local market because smaller organization should concentrate this area before going international. Training in SEO helps you to draw traffic and enhance your conversion rate.

Both large and small organizations want to get the best results through their websites. No matter how good their intentions are, if they do not have proper knowledge of SEO, building a friendly website is next to impossible. So, you can either go all out and sign up for many SEO training courses to optimize this domain or you can hire a professional SEO company to act as your SEO for your company website.

Author Bio: Monica shares with her readers about SEO and related jobs with growth opportunitiesShe also writes about SEO training institutes and its importance in various corporate organizations.

Google Places Optimization Tip

Google Places or Google+ Business Page

As of the writing of this post, Google+ Business Pages and Google Places(or is it Google+ Places) are two separate Google services. The later is the one you want to have if you have a physical location and you want people to see your business listing on the Google Map and on mobile devices that use the map search feature. So if you don’t have a Google Places listing, you don’t show up on the map.

Google Adwords (Local Extensions)

Google Places is Free

If you don’t have a listing, go to Google, create a free gmail account. When logged in, search for “Google Places for Business” . Click the link, and sign in and follow the directions. It is pretty self explanatory.

Local/Mobile Optimization Sheet

Before you create your listing, I would subscribe to our mailing list to Download our Google Places Optimization Sheet. The Google Local Info Form is a tool to organize your info, so the process of creating and/or claiming your listing will be streamlined. It is simply a Word Doc you can write on that asks you for all the info that you will need to successfully fill out not only a Google Places listing, but a Bing Local Business Center listing and Yahoo Local listing as well.  I have all my Local SEO clients fill one of these out so I have their info on hand, and can just copy and paste. It also prevents having inconsistent info about your business out on the web.

Google Verification By Snail Mail

If after you have entered all the info, and Google does not let you verify by phone, but will only let you verify via snail mail, when you fill out the form, be sure to put “attn: person(Google Local)”.

Google Places verification Mail

Google now requires verification of ownership for Google+ Business pages. I have only verified these via snail mail, and the mailer that Google sends for service is way to much like the Google Local verification mailer.  Be sure when you do the snail mail verification for Google+ Business pages put attn:person(G+bizpg). This way you won’t accidentally go into the Google Local dashboard and put in the wrong verification pin.

Be patient when waiting for the verification mailer. Don’t click the send mailer button multiple times.

If you have been trying to verify your Google+ business page for a while, but to no avail, I suggest reading this post about claiming your Google Local listing.

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Any Questions


Please leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions about Google Places optimization.

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Social Media Management: To outsource or Do in-house

Social Media marketing is considered to be one of the best techniques in any internet marketing campaign. Each and every website, no matter what’s the size or industry wants to publicize and promote it via a Social Media marketing campaign. Social Marketing refers to an extensive marketing methodology which definitely brings positive results. It is not finished by just creating a profile on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In. In addition to creating social media accounts,  it is important to perform actions or necessary activities on each of your social media profiles. And you must keep looking for better applications and ideas to gain more visitors and followers. Since it brings many visitors, many companies prefer to outsource their social media marketing services or hire Social media marketing services professionals in order to represent their websites on the social web.

Social Media


Why outsource Social Media Marketing campaigns:

We all are aware of the fact that social networking sites can enhance the business of any organization. But promoting on Social media requires a good and a well planned strategy and a high degree of knowledge. So, here the big question arises- whether to outsource or not.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both the options (outsourcing and not outsourcing)




  • Pros or strengths:

Hiring a company for social media marketing has its own merits. They will have a vast expertise and experience in this field. These companies know about the latest developments, new trends and implements the latest strategies to get positive results. By outsourcing your Social media marketing to experienced companies, you can sit back and can handle other business activities. By Outsourcing SMM(social media marketing) you can have the following benefits:


  1. The results of Social Media Marketing cannot be achieved in two or three days. It is a time consuming process and therefore requires greater time investment. The greater the time investment, the quicker will be the results. Naturally you can’t dedicate this much time, therefore, it is better to hire a company and outsource your SMM campaign.
  1. It is not necessary that, if you are a business man then you will have strong writing skills. If your content is bad and your platform is strong, then it will not bring you results. Content is the king, therefore it is necessary to focus on great content building activities, along with the strong social media platforms.
  1. It has been a short time since social media became a mainstream marketing practice and it has expanded its wings beyond the online marketing. Most of the professionals have developed themselves in this field and is now having a great knowledge. Therefore outsourcing this work can save your time and bring effective results.
  • Weaknesses or cons

The biggest drawback is that the external professionals are not much familiar with your organization, which might result in poor performance. This weakness can be overcome by providing the in depth information to the external company and by maintaining a clear flow of communication with social media professional.


Not outsourcing or in house management

Outsourcing Social Media


  • Strengths:

If you go for in house services, then it would have many benefits like- you would be having a thorough knowledge of all your products and services, so you can promote it well. This will lead to more friends and visitors. Secondly, you would be having unlimited content and resources, and you can share your content in real or actual time with audience.

  • Weaknesses:

There are also some of the weaknesses or cons of in-house management. It is difficult to maintain all the accounts as it takes more time especially if your staff members don’t have experience in handling social media. Lack of knowledge and familiarity with the ever-changing structures or platforms can be a big risk and leads to ineffective results.


Summary: Both in house management and outsourcing have weaknesses and strengths. You would better know that, which of the two solutions will prove to be best and effective for you.


Emma is working with SEO Rank Smart an SEO Company who offers Best SEO Packages.  She wants to write on current topic to spread knowledge for Internet Users.

Post Penguin and Panda SEO Hiring – What to Ask Before Signing Up

To try and get by in the world of online business today without SEO is a little like trying to swim while wearing lead boots – it just isn’t going to happen. SEO has become the single most important and potentially rewarding marketing tool on the face of the Earth and so too therefore are the skills of the competent professional SEO service provider.

However, not all are cut from the same cloth and from dangerous short cuts to temporary quick-fixes and right through to investments for zero returns, choosing a provider isn’t as black and white as some would expect. So, in this era of post Penguin and Panda complexity where SEO has become the most demanding and sometimes fickle mistress of all, here are a few questions you simply must ask before signing on the dotted line and taking on an SEO service provider:

How Have the Recent Updates to Google’s Algorithms Affected Your Strategies?

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Not that you’re trying to test them on the specifics, but you really need to know that they understand and have compensated for the most recent Google Penguin and Panda updates and thus know what they are dealing with. They should in an instant be willing to tell you about the updates and how they have affected SEO, meaning that any response along the lines of “What do you mean?” or “Which ones specifically?” should not be considered acceptable.

How Do You Look Into Penalisation?

Everyone makes mistakes and from time to time even the best SEO providers might find themselves on the receiving end of Google. However, seeing where something has gone awry can in fact breed some serious positives as the identification and ultimate compensation for any penalisation can make an SEO strategy and thus the business stronger than ever before. As such, establish not only that they know how to look into and identify the causes of penalties, but also that they’re willing to admit they’re anything but 100% immune to Google’s attacks. Nobody is.

What’s the Background of you Content Writing Team?

To overlook the importance of content is to welcome disaster – now more than ever. Exquisite, relevant and engaging content is the lifeblood of all SEO campaigns and can determine the fate of the businesses behind them. As such, what you must demand is an experienced and dedicated team of in-house writers that are able to serve as an elite authority on the niche in question – not those that favour outsourcing to part-time writers that speak English as their second language. The evolution of Panda and Penguin has rendered anything other than flawless content entirely unforgivable.

How Do You Use Social Media Optimisation?

Capitalising on social media doesn’t mean just setting up a Facebook page…not anymore. Instead successful social media optimisation is all about the building of important relationships and developing an authority in the given niche. As such, the SEO service provider should be adept and proven in areas such as social media friendly content production, exposure, promotion and the conversion of a social media audience into genuine customers.

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Why use our SEO Consulting Services?

It seems like we add new services to our list of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Consulting services every day.  Just today, I was asked to edit a  LinkedIn Company page. This service and many of the others we provide,  may or may not be classified as SEO, but all of them,  help to build online authority in one way or another,  and will help out with your SEO.

The two basic categories we break SEO consulting services or SEO Services in general into are  On-page Services and Off-page services.

What really is Search Engine Optimization?

What really is Search Engine Optimization? (Photo credit: Go Local Search)

Onpage deals with anything related to the actual website, from adjusting title tags to integrating social media with your site.

Off-page deals with you guessed it, anything on any other site which may affect your online authority, to include associated social media profiles, content curation, press releases, social media campaigns, and guest blogging to name a few.

One service that is part of both of these is the all important and ongoing keyword research.  Keyword research is important for both of these in that it is needed for both, and it will in many times guide your efforts.

What are SEO Consulting Services Do We Offer?

  • Local SEO consultation – We often get hired by brick and mortar or Mom &Pop’s to help guide their local seo efforts. This is typically a client who has no idea how to get onto the Google Map for starters. For these types of clients we generally operate on an hourly basis, and give them weekly SEO assignments via a 1/2 hr phone call.
  • Keyword research consultation – we have been hired to do keyword research for companies that are authorities in their particular niches, but do not get much traffic. We help them to identify potential web traffic.
  • On-page optimization consultation – some companies don’t want the ongoing monthly expense of authority building, and just want a one time plan for their newly designed website. Its very wise to undergo an on-page SEO plan so that any online rankings from the old urls is not lost. It’s happen all to often that a company hires a web development company and they make changes with no regard to their SEO, and the website owner then wonders why their traffic levels drop so drastically.
  • Authority Building or Link building can be an ongoing consulting services. We can go out and find links for you, or if you would like, we can do an assessment of your current back link profile to determine if any of your existing backlinks are hurting your sites performance.
  • Competitive analysis consultation – For this service we will either find 3 of your top competitors, or will do an assessment of who you deem to be your top competitors to determine what they are doing, and more importantly, we will determine what you need to do to beet them in the rankings.
  • Social Media Optimization(SMO) consultation – This person usually just got a brand new site made, but the company who built the site for them did not even show them how to link up their social media profiles. I just hate going to a site with social media widgets in place, but they go to  something like instead of the correct Fanpage or Twitter profile.
    Social media consults can also be about us walking clients through the basics of using social media sites for their online marketing and may include such things as  how do I send a tweet, how do I post to my Fanpage?, what do I post to my Fanpage, how often do I need to post to my Fanpage or Twitter? or “What social media sites should I use?”
    The social media consultation can also deal with more complicated social media questions such as “how do I run a Facebook contest” or run a full blown Social Media campaign?
    Increasingly, with the growing importance of Social media because to the weight search engines place upon the social media footprint,  we see a lot more questions concerning the use of social media for the use of SEO.
  • Hourly SEO consulting - Some website owners, handle their SEO in-house, but just want to consult with us to make sure the quality of work their in house SEO is doing is up to par. We do these types of assessments more  often than you think.
  • SEO Consulting for Mom and Pops – the mom and pop type of client  usually can benefit from a few hours of SEO consulting, as many a retired person have started online business with more time than knowledge. These types of people are a pleasure to work with, because they more often than not actually do what we suggest.

Evaluate My SEO Pro

Acting as a third party we evaluate your current SEO professional to insure you that your online authority is not being harmed.

Lets face it, today, anyone can call themselves an SEO and often times many do call themselves an SEO professional, but have little to no experience.

If you want us to look at the current practices of your SEO, or would like us to make some suggestions, please fill out our contact form or give us a call for a free confidential initial call.

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Social Media Integration Tips


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

Social Media Integration of a website, regardless if it is a blog or a basic html site is essential, and it is not necessarily difficult.

What is essential for Social Media Integration?

  • Establish an onsite Social Media Hub – I always encourage  website owners if they don’t have an onsite blog,  to install an onsite blog to act as their social media hub. It makes it so easy to push out content to the various social media profiles.
  • Social Media Profile Icons – The icons for all of your primary social media profiles need to be on every page, and I kind of like it if they are placed at both the top and bottom of the page. I always recommend adding a “connect with us” section at the very least.
  • Social Media Sharing bookmarklets(little social media buttons at top of our post)  need to be on every page, and if you have an eCommerce site, they need to be on every product page so visitors can share with their friends the products they like so their friends can buy the stuff for as birthday presents, or they can just share your website.
  • Take advantage of Google Author Rank -Integrate with Google+ author profiles to take advantage of author rank. Google’s author rank is a feature every website owner needs to take advantage. The basics premise of Author Rank is, if you do a search and you see a little picture next to a result, that is the result of the website owner taking advantage of author rank. Results that have a picture next to them are reported to have a higher than average click through rate, and often times the author rank also helps with over all rankings.  For more on AuthorRank Check out the CopyBlogger AuthorRank Cheat Sheet post. A future post on author rank is forthcoming, so sign up for our feed or email updates.

If you are using WordPress, it can be as easy as adding several pluggins, installing them, and editing the settings of each pluggin as needed.

WordPress Pluggins for Social Media Integration

  • Pluggins include:
    • SEO Pluggins- As an organic SEO guy, I always suggest using best SEO practices to insure you are getting the most traffic..SEO works in tandem with Social Media.
    •   The first pluggin I recommend is Yoast SEO pluggin. Not only is this a great pluggin for optimizing your blog for SEO, but it also has some other options which allow you to edit the way your posts appear in Facebook and Google+.
    • The other SEO Pluggin that I use if Yoast does not work is All In One SEO Pack..just incase you were looking for an alternative to Yoast.

  • Social Media Icon widget pluggins-
  • Social Media Bookmarks -
    • SexyBookmarks by Shareaholic – I just like the look of it, and it has a somewhat customizable call to action such as “share the knowledge”
  • Google+ Authorship – There are multiple of these and I have tried a few, and a few have actually taken down my site, and I had to then remove or uninstall through the cpanel. They are out there, so give em a try Here is the link to the Google+ Author Link pluggin I am using on this blog. If the author does not give a Google+ profile the author link goes to the blog home page.

Why the sad face? Its for you who are not using a Conten Management System( CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla.

If you have a basic html site, it will be a little more difficult, but it can still be done.

Sad face

Sad face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • For the Bookmarks, check out Sharethis tools for html sites.
  • For adding your icons, I would manually code in your profiles into a section called “Connect with Us” or the like, and keep it above the fold.
  • Add Google+ author link to the footer of every page, and create an author page that is listed on the contributor section of your Google+ profile.
  • I would also suggest adding Facebook OG code to your meta data.



This is just a few basic tips to integrating your site with Social Media. Depending upon your niche, you might want to optimize for many different social media sites, not just the big common ones like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Consider your target audience, and were they play online. For instance, interior designers would probably do well to use the site Houzz, a social media site for those into home improvement and interior design. Secondary tier social media is very important, and usually the traffic is highly targeted.

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Contemporary and Modern Uses of Web Designing

A website is the face of a company or an organization. A website helps an organization to tell the world what it does, where it is located, what it offers and what are its core functions. Apart from these core elements, a website may be informative, persuasive or just about anything that a company desires.

Companies that still do not have professional websites are already left behind

Companies and organizations that still do not have a website have already become redundant and are not taken seriously, even if they are well established in their chosen fields. Thus, a website is essential to a company or organization’s success and existence. With that in mind, there are several other modern uses and benefits of web designing.

Here are a few reasons why one must consider professional web designing no matter what service or product is being sold.

  1. Extensive publicity
  2. Adding character to company
  3. Making products and services accessible
  4. Enhancing social signals
  5. Adapting to mobile devices

Websites bring more publicity than any other form of promotion. Websites thus need to be built with a lot of factors in mind. First of all, one needs to make sure that websites are accessible on mobile gadgets. With an increasing number of people using smartphones and tablets to access the Internet, companies should ensure that they are available on mobile gadgets just as well as on regular browsers.

Contemporary uses of web designing

Typical contemporary uses of web designing range from increased social signals to a greater acceptance by mobile device users. It is a well known fact that a huge chunk of web traffic arrives from mobile devices and web deigning plays a very important role in ensuring that companies get what they want: an increasing number of hits and visits from the right kind of people. This can be made possible only when a website is designed well and meets contemporary expectations.

Web designers must look towards design theories

Typically, web designers should stay abreast of the latest techniques of designing great websites. This not only includes using contemporary software programs and markup languages, but also design theories and Internet trends. Websites need to evolve faster than the Internet evolves. There literally is no time for web designers to take a ‘wait and watch’ attitude. Any prominent website design firm will swear by the importance of design theories that are more closely adhered to in the design community rather than web community. Design theories help web designers to remain contemporary and modern even when the Internet seems to be evolving at an unprecedented rate.

Certainly, there are several benefits and uses of web designing in a contemporary setting. The most important of these lurks around on mobile platforms and social media websites where people have begun to interact with information and information providers in a completely novel ways. This trend will only continue and web designers must adapt to changes in the world of Internet even before it actually happens.

Author Bio:

Monica Haubert is consultant at a prominent website design firm . She helps her clients design contemporary websites with a basis in design theories.

Using Newspapers for Local SEO

Dutch newspapers at a bookstore in Nijmegen

Dutch newspapers at a bookstore in Nijmegen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Newspapers may be a dying breed, but many of the old “rags” are embracing the Internet with open arms. Many of them (not all) have created social media and are utilizing on a daily or at least on a somewhat regular basis. I believe that these sites are frequently still considered to be strong authorities in their given locations.  Using that authority for your own online authority building is the idea.
In this article, I will give you some tips for using your local newspapers for your local SEO.

Finding Newspapers

A resource I just found which I love is  US Newspaper List site Usnpl, which is much more than a list of newspapers.
At the home page, start by selecting your state, then find your town or nearby towns and the newspapers for each. Next to each newspaper you will find a link to the newspaper website, a link to the newspaper contact info(phone address etc), county info, Facebook fanpage,Twitter, and local weather.There are Google ads and banner adds on the site, but they are pretty clearly defined.

Another resource for finding Newspaper is . Allyoucanread has lists of newspapers from all over the world and you can drill down to find newspapers by town as well.
At the home page click into your state, and you get a page that lists the top ten newspapers of the state. To the right, there is a list of many college newspapers. Below the top ten is a list of all the towns in the state. Click on a town, and you will find a list of the newspapers for the town to include church papers, school papers and genral papers. Below that is a list of newspapers from neighboring cities and towns. In addition to newspapers, you can also find local magazines. A word of warning, Allyoucanread is peppered with Google Adsense adds, so be careful what you are clicking on.
Of the two Newspaper lists, I like because it gives you the social media profile links of the papers. However, did not have my local paper listed, but did.

Three Local SEO Uses of Newspapers

  1. Go through each list and check out all of the papers for your target geography. For each newspaper, navigate to their Fanpage and like it as your Fanpage and then leave a comment on one of their posts again as your Fanpage.
  2. Check out each Newspapers website and locate any blogs or articles which accept comments. Many that take comments will require you to login with a Social Media profile. If possible leave your comment as your Fanpage. The best would be if they allow you to leave a comment that lets you put in your name, email and url(Yeah! you get a link to your site yeah!) Please be sure to not spam them with crappy comments. Read the article and leave a valuable contributing comment.
    • Some Newspapers don’t let you leave comments with any sort of link. I don’t bother leaving comments on these, unless of course the article is something I am personally interested in. But it gives your website nothing unless you are able to mention your company in the comment.
  3. An additional purpose of newspaper is well the news. If you are looking for a something to share for your blog or your Fanpage, visit newspapers to find local articles to share. Be sure to include the name of the town in the Title of the post. Mentioning the town name in your title is helping the search engines to associate your site/Fanpage with that town and is essentially making you a resource for that town. Many newspaper sites are now using social bookmarks to make it easy to share their content.

Of course there are a lot of newspaper websites that hold to the old ways of thinking and  hide their content behind passwords so only subscribers can view it. I guess it is a method of getting revenue, but are people really willing to pay for an online subscription of news that is probably already online.

Well these are just a few of my suggestions for using Newspapers for your Local Online marketing.

Newspapers are just one source for your local seo. Be sure to check out our other Local SEO posts to get more local seo tips.

 Got any local seo tips to share?

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