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BaldyDog Search Strategies understands the search engines; we research your company, potential customers and their search habits. With this information we build the best possible and most cost effective search engine marketing campaign. Our goal is not only to drive traffic to your site but also drive qualified leads to your site.

Learn more about our search engine optimization services, PPC plans, Link Building Campaigns, how we can help with your SEO improvement, and more.

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JRWrestling saw their sales increase over 300% in two months time. Learn More »

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Targeting over 70 keyword phrases in the organic results of Google, Drug Natural has seen an increase in traffic over 800%. Learn More »

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In the highly competitive Wedding industry, Baldy Dog was able to position Weddings with Class as a leader within their niche. Learn More »

These are three of our SEO Customer Case Studies, click here for more past and current customer info.


At BaldyDog Search Strategies we believe that search engine optimization is the most cost-effective means of advertising online.

By making your web site visible in the search engines for the words and phrases that best describe your products and services – you capture people’s attention when they are actively looking for your products and services.

People looking for information in the search engines are usually trying to solve a problem, gather information to make a purchase or get answers to a question.

Having your web site at the top in the search engine results(SERPs)drives qualified traffic to your site and gives your visitors the answers they are seeking, which will result in more sales!

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